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Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services

Advancing Safe and Healthy Work Environments


Delta Bay Consultants is a minority-owned, DBE-certified Industrial Hygiene and Technical Communications firm based in Northern California. We deliver customized solutions that:

  • Promote employee health, safety, and comfort

  • Increase worker productivity

  • Manage and minimize company risk

  • Satisfy regulatory requirements

  • Enhance the overall working environment

  • Ultimately raise the bottom line

All of our occupational health & safety services are performed by
an American Board of Industrial Hygiene Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

Our Track Record

Since 1998, Delta Bay Consultants' principals have helped hundreds of satisfied clients:

  • Improve their workplace and site safety conditions

  • Meet and often exceed OSHA, Cal/OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, ACGIH, and other regulatory criteria

  • Successfully litigate occupational injury & illness claims

  • Enhance the quality of environmental and technical documents




Exposure/risk investigations and programs to identify, mitigate, and control work hazards and stressors. Services include indoor air quality investigations; noise monitoring; chemical, physical, and biological hazard assessments; evaluations of engineering & administrative controls, PPE, and work practices; sampling plans & monitoring strategies; contaminant & hazard control systems; compliance audits; and document peer review.


Occupational health & safety programs and plans, as well as training on a range of industrial hygiene topics—e.g., Illness & Injury Prevention; Hazard Communication; COVID-19; Emergency Response; Respiratory Protection; Confined Space Safety; PPE; Hearing Conservation; Lab Safety; Materials Handling & Storage; Bloodborne Pathogens; Fire Prevention; Lead and Asbestos Compliance; Valley Fever; OSHA Compliance; and Ergonomics.


On-site assessments of workplace safety with regard to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and development of COVID-19 Compliance Plans. These plans ensure regulatory compliance with Cal/OSHA and the California Department of Public Health, reduction in exposure rates, and effective training of employees. The "COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards" are still in effect, with the latest revisions effective as of 1/14/2022.


Control and mitigation of hazards related to roadway, bridge, and building construction projects. Services include air, noise, and heat stress monitoring; general field work oversight; ergonomics assessments; on-site safety training; and development of Caltrans-required construction plans (Lead Compliance Plans, Dust Mitigation Plans, Asbestos Compliance Plans, Public Safety Plans, and Health & Safety Plans).


Expert witness testimony (deposition and courtroom) for occupational illness & injury related legal claims, including Workers Compensation.  Other services include legal research; supporting data collection, including contaminant sampling; document review (industrial hygiene and technical reports, medical records, lab results, chemical data); third-party reviews of previous investigations; and report writing.


Services primarily consist of copy editing and substantive editing of technical and scientific documentation (for the fields of engineering, geosciences, natural resources, environmental planning, transporation, energy, utilities, and industrial hygiene). Other services include development of style guides and document templates; word processing; document production; résumé writing and design; website content; and social media marketing.



Team Peter

Principal Industrial Hygienist

Peter is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with nearly 40 years of experience in occupational health & safety and public health. Peter performs air and noise monitoring; conducts indoor air quality investigations; develops industrial hygiene programs and plans; carries out hazard assessments; evaluates administrative and engineering controls, PPE, ergonomics, and work practices; trains workers on EHS topics; acts as a technical resource; and provides expert witness services for illness & injury claims.​

​Peter has a Masters degree in Health Science. His professional certifications and credentials include CIH (#5151, American Board of Industrial Hygiene); DBE (#45793, Caltrans); HAZWOPER (OSHA); and TWIC® (TSA).

Team Bo

Principal Technical Editor

Bo is a document specialist with more than three decades of experience in the editing, formatting, and production of technical & scientific documents. Bo's technical editing services range from proofreading for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and basic formatting to substantive editing involving voice, structure, logic, internal consistency, and clarity of expression.

Bo is a recognized expert in documentation related to CEQA/NEPA environmental planning as well as engineering, geosciences, natural resources, energy, transportation, and industrial hygiene.  Bo also develops style guides, résumés, newsletters, marketing materials, and social media content.

Team Layne.png

Virtual Assistant

(503) 756-0361

Layne is an administrative whiz with 15 years of experience in supporting various companies and agencies. For Delta Bay Consultants, Layne provides general admin services, updates and maintains the filing system, conducts online research, proofreads documents, and performs miscellaneous clerical and organizational tasks.

Layne's professional background covers the fields of medical/dental, allied health, insurance, retail grocery, food service, local government, and higher education.


Never one to remain idle, in her spare time, Layne enjoys running, cooking & baking, home improvement, event planning, photography, and even shoveling snow.

Team Toby Lenny.png


1 (800) TAB-BIES

As our in-house security squad, Toby and Lenny work together to keep the office free from hazardous materials and unwelcome intruders.

Toby, our Pest Control Officer, has 10 years of experience in eradicating all manner of vermin at our workplace. With his uncanny reflexes, relentless approach, and "can do" attitude, he always gets the job done.

With a decade of investigative experience under his collar, Lenny, our Package Inspector, maintains a safe environment by opening and inspecting every package delivery. No wrapping materials (not even zip ties) can withstand his strength and ingenuity.




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