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Technical Communications Services

Technical Editing


  • Punctuation, spelling, basic grammar

  • Heading levels

  • Bullets and numbered lists

  • Cross-references (sections, tables, figures)

  • Acronym call-outs

  • Reference formatting

Copy Editing

  • ​All proofreading tasks

  • Editing for continuity, voice, and clarity of expression

  • Revising awkward verbiage

  • Ensuring internal consistency of project-specific terms

  • Correcting usage of numbers

  • In-depth acronyms edit

  • Checking references against text and footnote citations

  • Verifying hyperlinks

  • Ensuring style guide conformance (Chicago Manual of Style; Council of Science Editors Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers; etc.)

Substantive Editing

  • ​All proofreading tasks

  • All copy editing tasks

  • Thorough cross-reference check — ensuring that section headings and table/figure titles match text call-outs

  • Checking overall structure, logic, readability

  • Resolving contradictions in content within/between paragraphs and chapters

  • Resolving text/table contradictions

  • Rewriting and reorganizing text as needed


Document Products

Style Guides

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling

  • Style and voice

  • Usage of numbers

  • Acronyms and project-specific terminology

  • Global search & replace lists

Document Templates (Microsoft Word)

  • Reports, proposals, letters, ​invoices, fax covers, tables, lists, forms

  • Styles for text, headings, bullets, numbered lists, tables, figures, references, appendices, flysheets, TOCs, and other document components 

Résumés & Curricula Vitae

  • New résumé development

  • Format redesign

  • Editing of existing résumés


  • Project descriptions​

  • Newsletters

  • General marketing materials

  • Company letterhead

  • Websites (content & development)

Other Services

  • Word Processing

  • On-site Document Production

  • Document Troubleshooting

  • Social Media & Website Content